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Design is much more than creating a pretty picture. Yes, you need a graphics designer to design your logo and your website, but within a creative marketing agency, you design much, much more. We design your brand. We design your marketing strategy. We help you design a plan of action when it comes to your lead generation. Ultimately, we help you design the roadmap on your business’s way forward, how you can grow and continue growing and help you achieve your business goals.
Do you need a professional team who knows their way around CSS, speak HTML in their sleep and can develop the ultimate website or application to suit your needs? Our developers have a lot of notches on their belts when it comes to creating successful operating systems, websites, applications and taking your product one e-commerce step closer to your potential customers. Let us help you develop your business by developing your online presence, applications, and processes.
To grow your business, you need to grow your customer/client base. The successful way to do this is with lead generation. This increases the reach of your marketing, optimizes acquiring your perfect and ideal customer and builds the ultimate database for future marketing campaigns. There are many ways to do this, and we are profoundly efficient in each one of them. Contact us today to find out how we can help you lead the way.

Our Aim Is To Ensure That We Satisfy Your Needs By Providing Work That Is Strategically On Target And Then Produces Superior Results.

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There Are A Few Things That Make A DESIGN or a WEBSITE or a MARKETING STRATEGY Great

“The team at Vivant is easy going and great to work with. The beauty of the relationship lies in the experience.Highly recommendable as a creative, professional team.”


“An accolade for Vivant, every time I asked them to help me with the design for promotional material, I received designs that exceeded my expectations by far.”

Anette Davis

“A design company with high level vision. Passionate about their work and they support it só well ”

Pohl Group

“Gorgeous webwerf. Super uitleg, funksionaliteit, struktuur, kopie, fotos en produkte. Vars, skoon, duidelik, maklik, vriendlik en professioneel. Twee duime hoog, hoog in die lug! Ek verwys wie ek kan en bestel self soos nodig.”

Mrs Martins

“Baie dankie aan Eedria en haar profesionele span vir n uitsteekende web site. Sal julle virseker aanbeveel.”

WC Bouers
Robin Knoetze




1What social media should I be doing?
If we could cash out on this question, we’d be owning our own island by now. The fact is that no-one (not the biggest expert and influencer in the world) can answer that question for you without analyzing your business first. Your social media strategy should align with your business strategy. Like with any form of marketing, you should have clear goals for your social media that goes hand in hand with your business goals.
2How often should I update my website?
For most companies, their website is their business’s first impression. Think of your website as your business’s best sales rep. This is where potential customers and clients go for more information on your company, your products or services, it’s where they can easily contact you, make inquiries and make a purchase. You wouldn’t keep paying a sales rep a salary if they were stuck on old and outdated sales tactics that weren’t bringing in any conversions. That’s why you should always ensure that your website (and its content) is always on conversion high alert and optimized to bring in leads and sales.
1Can I afford the services of Vivant Studios?
Digital and creative agencies are a dime a dozen and they all focus on different clients and services. We take the quality (and the output) of our work very seriously and work on a holistic basis with all our clients. In short; we don’t just talk the talk, we walk the walk, the entire journey alongside our clients.
2How much does it cost to get a website created?
That all depends on your business need and requirements and your personal preferences. If it’s a static website (the most basic type of website), it’s going to cost you a lot less than if it’s a dynamic website. A dynamic website consists of much more complex databases and coding. The other costs that people often forget about is that you will need to pay for a domain name as well as hosting. Domains can be paid for annually whilst web hosting can usually be set up to be paid either monthly or annually. Domains can cost you an extra R??? – R???? and web hosting R??? – R???


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