August 22, 2017
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The start of the year has been a very busy one for Vivant – as always! Every year starts with our clients needing their brands revamped and their websites refreshed. We’ve completed a few great projects this month, with some new websites and whole brands coming out of our studios lately that we’re incredibly proud of.


Dry Ice International

One of our biggest clients, Dry Ice International, had their main website revamped to more easily incorporate their online store. They sell massive volumes of dry ice online to customers all over the country, so their website had to be easy to use and good looking. Their branch locator, online brochures and product gallery are all new – built by Vivant!



Frooty Flora

Premium gifts and flower arrangements for weddings, events and funerals are just a click away with Frooty Flora. The brand has been creating custom gift packs and flower bunches for years now, and they’re tremendously happy with their new website and online store.



Bob & Sequel

With so many opportunities to use Africa’s fertile land to empower its people, Bob & Sequel has developed a meaningful programme to create jobs for those who need it most. With their focus on agriculture and landscape technology, Bob & Sequel approached Vivant to develop their earth-centric brand and website.



NGB Bodyguards

Founded by Nico Grobler, head of Millenium Bodyguards, NGB Bodyguards provides VIP and celebrity protection throughout South Africa. They came to Vivant to get their message out there, showing that they’re tough, classy and ready to serve.




Charles Lansdown

We love working with businesses that are much like ours – and Charles Lansdown is one of them! Having started with very humble roots, leathersmith Bradley Ingram has refined his incredible craftsmanship over the last two decades.

His business has grown tremendously and he is ready to branch out into the international market. For this reason, Mr Ingram approached Vivant to do a full branding overhaul, and the results are incredible. He will also soon get a new website that will bring him more international business with international order functionality – keep an eye out for it!

Mr Ingram is thrilled with his new brand identity. He says he has received overwhelmingly positive feedback from his clients and partners, and he can’t wait to see his new website which should go live in the next month. Thank you for putting your brand in our hands, Mr Ingram!






Bargain Bear

Bargain Bear is a new innovation that makes finding specials near you easy. The system – which will be an app and a website in the near future (also made by Vivant) – will work with retailers to list their specials and sales all in one place. It’s about making it easier for you to find the best ways to save, right on your smartphone.

The Bargain Bear team wanted a brand identity that would be simple and reflect the fact that their service is convenient, location-based and easy to use. They chose this design and they’ll be rolling it out in the coming months all over South Africa.

We’re very excited about Bargain Bear’s launch, and they’re just as excited about their beautiful new brand. Just another Vivant project that’s made this business get talked about!


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