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January: A Rocking Start!

The start of the year has been a very busy one for Vivant – as always! Every year starts with our clients needing their brands revamped and their websites refreshed. We’ve completed a few great projects this month, with some new websites and whole brands...

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The time to make your website mobile-friendly has never been better. Mobile internet use surpassed that of desktop use a long time ago now; naturally, the shadowy internet council that meets in a secret lair underneath a volcano has taken notice. The frolicking forest spirits...

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Re-Direct with SEO

Yes, your business’ website was woven from the hair of golden mooses that drink sparkling spring water from the summits of the tallest mountains in Taijkistan. Lovely stuff. And you print your website address on your gilded business cards, and you post it on Facebook...

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Re-Type, Re-Fresh Content in Five Steps

Talking about your business like it’s a sparkling playground for the beautiful and bearded, where your clients majestically ride bears and cavort naked under waterfalls that are just the right temperature isn’t easy. The absence of saddled bears and jungle waterfalls might have something to...

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A Brave New Re-Brand

We’ve talked about this before, but it’s really worth mentioning again: yes, your brand is your baby, but it’s not a crime to update it every now and then. Just like children grow up, or amoebas evolve into multi-cell organisms, or cheese becomes tastier, time...

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Prepare for Re-Launch on Social Media

Take a moment to consider how much you’ve been on Facebook lately. All those beach holiday photos by all of your friends while they were frolicking and getting sunburnt while people ask you what you got for Christmas and the answer is “fat”. And then...

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Re-Build Your Website in Five Steps

The majestic golden doors to your business swing open and light spills out; a flock of graceful doves fly out, a gong sounds in the distance and there you stand, ready to greet your client as they ascend the marble stairs to receive the gift...

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Done and Dusted! November Edition

The end-of-year rush is upon us, so November has been a crazy month for us. We've done our bit for making the Internet a better place by getting a whole lot of new websites up and out there! Take a look at some of the...

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Done and Dusted! October Edition

October was a busy month here at Vivant Studios – we finalised a whole lot of website and branding projects that we’re really proud of! TLT Accountants approached us with a very specific brief: they wanted a new logo, corporate identity and website that reflected their...


How To: Develop brand identity

This is the sixth in a series of how-to articles by Vivant on things that matter in branding, marketing and digital presence for businesses. We hope they clear a few things up for you! *** Your logo is not your brand. It’s as simple as that. Your...

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