Is It Really Necessary To Have A Marketing Strategy?

You need to create a strategic marketing plan that aligns with your business strategy in order to reach TRUE MARKETING SUCCESS

You Cannot Start Designing, Writing Or Promoting A Company That Is Unclear About Their Brand Identity.

That is why we often have to help clients figure out what their CI is. Your CI is critical to your business, since it displays confidence and creates brand trust and loyalty. It also saves you time and effort, because you’ll be weeding out clients that wouldn’t have been worth your time. And you can relate better to your specific target market. So how do you establish what your company’s CI is? By answering the following questions:

What does your company/business/product do?
This is where you need to compile an elevator pitch where you explain your business/product to someone within 30 seconds
Who are your 3 top competitors and what do you like AND dislike about their CI?
It’s important to know who they are, what they are doing, to learn from them and find ways to stand out amongst them.
Who is your ideal customer?
You need to have a detailed demographic and psychological profile of your customer persona.
What is the primary message you want to send your potential customers?
It’s not just about a verbal message; it’s how customers and clients feel about your brand everytime they deal with your company.
What is the problem that you are solving with your business/product?
There has to be a NEED for your services or product, otherwise, it’s not worth your while.


Your brand is up and running, you populated your gorgeous new website with content and made Google history with some seriously mad SEO skills. Plus, you’ve got a social media presence that all you customers like are follow. All of this means nothing if you don’t maintain it. 75% of business owners state that their lack of marketing management skills is impacting their revenue in some way. And you need to manage all of your various marketing platforms on a daily basis. Update website and social media content, implement new functionalities that have become available, adapt to new internet guidelines and regulations. Guidelines, regulations, and functionality change EVERY DAY. Do you have the time to run a successful business in your industry as well as staying on top of constant changes in ours? We do the work for you, so you can keep your focus where it should be; on the clients and building your sustainable business.

Vivant Studios Will Be With You Every Step Of The Way.


Does your brand have what it takes to survive in today’s increasingly competetive market?

To develop a true unique brand you first need a logo right? Correct but there is more to it than just having a logo. To build a brand you need to communicate your vision and your values to your audience. Your brand is what you as a business represents. If you have an affective brand strategy it will give you a major edge. It communicates what they can expect from you, your service and your product. Your brand is reflected in everything; your customer service, staff uniforms, business cards, premises and advertising.

Your Brand Is Ever-Changing

It evolves and it changes with the market. This is part of your evolution and why your clients will stay with you. People want to be part of a company that evolves and grows.

Let Us Design Your Company Look And Feel!


Why do i need to analyse my business?

Strategic planning involves a comprehensive analysis of your business in relation to your industry, your competitors, supply chain, and customers, as well as of the business environment in which you operate. A strategy is your company’s plan or map, implemented to achieve its goals. Without a well-considered plan, we might become victims of the marketplace or of internal constraints, instead of being victors who shape it.

These plans cannot be formed in a vacuum, they must fit your specific needs. Likewise, strategy without implementation is a waste of time! No one trick constitutes strategy; rather, strategy is how the totality of your company will work together in the future to achieve your goals.


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