#1 Graphic and Branding Designers in Pretoria - Vivant Studios
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Brand Services

From pre-design research all the way through to development, we place an emphasis on quality craftsmanship.


It’s a misconception to think that your logo is your brand because it isn’t

Does your brand have what it takes to survive in today’s increasingly competitive market? And don’t fool yourself; a logo is not a brand – no-one is loyal to a logo.. Your logo, packaging and promotional materials (which should integrate your logo is what COMMUNICATES your brand).

Your brand is what you as a business represents. If you have an affective brand strategy it will give you a major edge. “Brand” defined is merely your promise to your customers. It communicates what they can expect from you, your service and your product. Your brand is an extension of yourself and is the perception others will have of you. Your brand is the building block on which the rest of your Tetris business plan is built. And as luck would have it, we are aces at Tetris.

At Vivant, we will take care of all your branding requirements – from creating a brand identity for your company, all the way through to the design of every element necessary to further enhance and complement your brand.

Corporate Identity


A corporate identity presentation contains your company logo, business card layout and an HTML email signature – all customised to your company’s requirements.


Corporate Identity

Style Guide

The look and feel of a brand is extremely important. To ensure consistency, a company should have a corporate identity style guide. This useful guide will typically assist anyone tasked with working on your branding, such as designers and printers, to cover the fundamentals such as the do’s and don’ts of using a logo, the correct colour palette to use, the type of font to use, as well as other things. Vivant offers its clients a four-page identity style guide that covers the essentials of your brand.