Branding Services

A brand is not just a logo or or a product or a business card – brands have to be something that customers can connect with, can feel, and should want.

We love to take products and branding services and turn them into desirable brands and give customers real valuable and profitable brand experiences. Not easy to do, but something we’re great at doing for our clients no mater how big or small they think they are.

Let Vivant create your brand


Such an import segment of the starting of the journey with us. Mapping out the journey and carefully define the direction we need to take to create a brand is where the magic starts. Your USP is taken into consideration, bringing your band to life with a well created look and feel to capture your differentiation as a company. A key element that will stand as the foundation of what we create.

The Branding Team

The team that is diverse in all segments to bring you the uniqueness you require. Out of the box thinkers, visionaries and extraordinaire are the once that can bring your brand to a place of awareness and strength it the market segment you play in. Diversity is the element to a successful team and we bring this to you as part of the full offering we offer our clients.

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