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This is not your run-of-the-mill social media training. We are rebelling against the tyranny of boring workshops, and bringing fun interaction back into the mix!

The following will be covered:

Intro into social media & marketing

- Content Marketing

  • The importance of content marketing
  • How to create content for social media; copy, imagery etc
  • Creating an editorial calendar
  • How to get users to engage
  • Business blogging

- The various social media platforms

Facebook for Business

  • What Facebook is, how it works and latest trends on Facebook
  • The differences between profiles, pages, groups and events
  • Creating a Facebook page for your business
  • Understanding how profiles and pages link and work together
  • Creating powerful posts that engage your fans
  • Implementing best practices on your page
  • Drawing fans to your page
  • Building a plan for your Facebook marketing
  • Top tips to drive engagement organically on your Facebook page
  • Discover exactly how to master the edgerank algorithm
  • Utilize Facebook analytics to improve your page performance
  • Strategically sponsor posts to boost your visibility
  • Master Facebook ads for your business
  • Understand advanced targeting that you can take advantage of
  • Discover how to run Facebook retargeting ads or advertise to your email list to maximize your results
  • How to integrate paid Facebook into your overall strategy

LinkedIn for Networking & Business

  • Learn exactly how to create a powerful profile
  • Harness best practices in your profile to stand-out
  • Add and grow your LinkedIn connections
  • Increase your visibility on LinkedIn
  • Understand endorsements and recommendations
  • Create a business presence on LinkedIn
  • Learn exactly how to get results from LinkedIn groups
  • Explore the secrets the pros use to maximize their visibility
  • Discover the amazing search capabilities that LinkedIn has to offer and how to harness it for business development
  • Examine the differences between free and pro LinkedIn accounts
  • Understand LinkedIn ads and sponsored posts

Google+ for Business & Local pages

  • Why Google Plus is a Must-Have Tool
  • Create a Basic Personal Profile
  • Create Your Google+ Business Page
  • Google Business Listing
  • Post on Google Plus the Easy Way

Instagram Visual Marketing

  • What Makes Instagram the Fastest Growing Social Network and Why My Business Needs It
  • Create a Compelling Instagram Profile
  • Navigate Around Instagram
  • Take Photos in Instagram
  • Crop & Rotate My Photos
  • Apply Instagram Filters for Effects
  • What Size Should My Photos Be?
  • Search on Instagram
  • Motivate Followers to Action with a Compelling Post
  • Get Engagement on Instagram
  • Post a Link to Generate Follower Action
  • Post a Video for Follower Engagement
  • Easy Sharing with Other Social Networks
  • Manage My Instagram Account
  • Discover What’s Working for My Business on Instagram
  • Create a Successful Instagram Ad
  • Managing your accounts via scheduling tools
  • Dealing with engagement; comments, complaints, reviews etc.


  • Social media monitoring & reporting
  • Finalise a budget & resources
  • Measuring ROI

Included is:
• Mid-morning Tea/Coffee with snacks
• Lunch • Mid-afternoon Tea/Coffee with snacks • Social Media Start-up Kit: • Training Manual • Buyer Persona Planner • SEO keywords specifically researched for your business • Hashtags specifically researched for your business • 10 Social Media Stock Images

* This workshop is exclusively for those who take their business seriously. If you have joined our workshop, you will be able to use your training reference in order to get 2 FULL HOURS of Social Media & Consultancy guidance for ONLY R950 per month instead of the usual R1400!