Design Services

Lookin’ Good!


There are so many different types of banners that you can get today to promote your brand and products, whether indoors or outdoors.  The design of the printing on your promotional banners is very important because you rely on these banners to capture people’s attention, even when they are still some distance away.  We will design your banner in such a way that the graphics stand out and the colours used enhance your company’s message.


A well-designed brochure is one of the most effective marketing tools that a company can have. It provides an excellent opportunity to deliver important information about your company’s products and services. Vivant understands that a well-designed brochure will give your company a stronger, more established corporate image. When you look well-established, professional and successful, people automatically assume that you are.


Company stationery is an everyday part of doing business that it has become the norm for companies.  After all, you need to promote your company to do business – whether it’s through a business card, letterhead or branded company e-mail address.  Business stationery can be a subtle yet highly effective way of getting your message across. Invoices, letterheads, compliment slips and business cards are important tools to have as part of your company’s communications strategy.


Your signage is often the first impression that customers have of you when they walk into your company. Vivant will assist you to create a sign using state of the art design techniques to produce quality signs for every type of interior and exterior application. Signs small or large, in any shape or colour can be designed and manufactured to your individual specifications.

Vehicle Wrapping

Think billboard on wheels! Any car, truck, bus and trailer can give your customers a better way to be seen and recognised. At Vivant, we are specialists when it comes to creating high-quality, digitally printed graphics for decals, half wraps or full wraps for all types of vehicles.

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Flyers or pamphlets are a form of paper advertising intended for a wider circulation.  They are inexpensive to produce and can be an effective method of direct marketing.  The main aim of a flyer is to create awareness and interest.  Choosing effective colours, graphics and content for your flyer is essential as first impressions are important.

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Traditional & Digital Illustrations

Drawing a complex digital illustration involves a lot of hard work, patience, and time. Vivant can deliver original illustrations for multiple purposes and media and different audiences.Whether you’re simply looking to complement your book or magazine with captivating as well as unique illustrations, support your documentation with more or less complex support images, or complete your products with enticing graphics,Vivant will create the illustration you’re looking for.

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