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The Process Of Creating Content For Your Content Marketing:

  • First you need a strategy. If you’re not working (and writing) towards your goal, you’re wasting your time.
  • Ask yourself who your target audience is? Create a detailed customer persona.
  • Based on your customer persona, decide on your company’s voice (tone & style) and the type of content your persona will value and relate to.
  • It’s important to remember that your content should be entertaining, informative as well as engaging to your specific targeted demographic.

Why Is Social Media Critical For Marketing Your Business?

Social media is not just for spreading funny memes. Social media is a powerful marketing weapon, but if you don’t know how to use it, it will be death by SM. By ensuring that your business has a powerful online presence you can create awareness around you and your business as well as drive traffic to your website. This calls for a complete social media and digital strategy that aligns with your long term business strategy. 64% of people use social media as a deciding factor when it comes to a service or product provider. Every social media platform also has its own form of advertising that is constantly evolving in the ever changing landscape of social media. We understand these platforms on a technical level, we go in depth to understand your audience.Each of these platforms also has their own forms of advertizing that is constantly evolving in the ever changing landscape of social media.

Do You Want A Lead Genaration Funnel ?

How do we find you on the NET?

Get ranked on Google, aim to be ranked number one on that first page. Have you ever heard about this? What does that even mean? You probably wondered why it is so important. Well, it’s like having a beautiful car standing in your garage and nobody will see it if you don’t drive around in it. This is the engine we use to get your future customers to find you on the worldwide internet. SEO refers to the relevant keywords and nifty HTML tricks WITHIN YOUR CONTENT that your target market will be Googling when looking for your products or services




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