Facebook & Instagram Advanced Course

27 October

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Facebook & Instagram Advanced Course

This is where you learn how to take your Facebook & Instagram media marketing to the next level! This course is designed for those who know their way around Instagram and Facebook’s basic functions, but haven’t completely embraced the full capacity to market their business on these platforms.

Learn how to maximize ROI through the hottest social media networks in South Africa.

This is the way you start getting ahead of your competition. Instagram users spend an average of 257 minutes a month on Instagram and an image is an easy way to grab attention. Get better results, faster. If Instagram is used correctly, you can show your brand’s personality, connect with potential clients and drive sales through video and images. The fact that Instagram can link with your Facebook makes it all the more powerful.

Almost 70% of all social sharing takes place on Facebook. It has been proven that people prefer to deal with a business with a Facebook social media presence – this makes the company feel relative to potential customers and seem easier to engage with. We reveal the top tips and tricks experts use to grow their following and engage with their audience.