Web Services

From pre-design research all the way through to development, we place an emphasis on quality craftsmanship.

Originality demands attention

A website is a central location of various web pages that are all related and can be accessed by visiting the home page using a browser. But let’s not be pretentious; it’s the place you want people to view your products/services and get them to make a purchase. This is where the awesome content we created for you come in to play. BUT there’s just one little cyberspace wrinkle…

We aim to captivate your target audience.  We bring custom web design and current web standards together, to create functional and simplistic sites with easy to use navigation. Creating your ideal website goes further than just creativity and the balancing of certain elements to create something that is visually appealing. It also relies on a specific language that allows browsers to interpret the features of your website.

An extensive range of web design programming languages are used such as HTML 5, PHP, CSS, less, scss, Javascript, Laravel, jQuery, Java, ASP.NET, CMS related systems and Angular.js. These are used to develop your website for optimal efficiency and these adhere to the W3C standards. We listen to your needs and suggest an appropriate platform, which is used in the development of your website accordingly. Our solutions are tailored to your specific requirements and specifications.

Domain Registration

A Gmail or Yahoo email address is a no-go if you want your clients to take your business seriously. Getting your own business email address will make your company look more professional and, most importantly, will help you create trust with your customers. A domain name is your own unique online identity and can help promote your website. We will register your domain name in less than 24 hours, and you can start accessing your emails straight away.

Domain Transfers

If you’re a domain owner, you’re the only person that gets to decide which company will be responsible for managing your domain. Domain name transfer is yet another process that we can assist you with.

E-Commerce Sites

Developing a high-quality e-commerce website is nothing less than a beautiful creation of various elements to make online shopping so much more enjoyable. Besides the extensive design and development work that takes place behind the scenes, one has to liaise with banks, payment providers and courier companies, as well as integrating with accounting or ERP systems. We work with you to build a high-performance online store that will work for you and your company. Fast and effective way of selling your products to the consumer.


Irrespective of how awesome your website may look, it’s still an empty shell without content to interest, inform and entice your readers. Whether you’re looking to sell a product, to rank high on search engine results, or to attract a reader’s attention, we will help you write content that will attract your target audience using the correct keywords for Search Engine Optimisation (SEO).

Customised Web Banners

First impresions last and that is what your site will be remembered by. The image that grabs your attention the moment your website is opened. Also referred to as a banner ad, a banner is an advertisement placed on a website to attract a specific target audience. Banners are a lot more complex than they used to be, thanks to new technology such as Flash. Many commerce-related websites use banner ads. Vivant will design unique and compelling banners that will give your company a professional image that leads to product click through’s and conversions.


Most website these days pull or store some form of information to a database. We specialise in database design and management, so you don’t have to worry about your data management and security threats involved with sensitive information stored online.
We believe in keeping things simple, which is why we make our web hosting as uncomplicated as possible by specialising in hosting systems such as Php4, Php5, ASP.NET 1, 2 and 3.5.


Disaster could strike at any time. Websites can change over time without you even realising it,and those changes often won’t be reflected in the original version. If you run a forum, blog or CRM system, much of your valuable content is uploaded by your users, and won’t exist in any other place than on your website. We will make sure that your website is regularly backed up to avoid any nasty surprises.

Landing Pages

Landing page optimisation serves as a way to get your users to take the desired action, track company objectives and generate leads. Poor landing page optimisation results in an unclear call to action or too many call to actions that cause visitors to disconnect with your message and even your entire brand. We will create custom landing pages that will keep your visitors engaged.

Registration & Hosting

With hosting services on Linux (Debian) platforms, we pride ourselves in providing you with the easiest and most all-inclusive domain registration and online hosting available. Choose from web hosting services in all existing coding languages as well as the database infrastructure of your choice.