Uncertainty can be described as the state of facing risks that can’t be measured or foreseen. This describes the strategic terrain that every business occupies (sluggish economy in South Africa and global health issues whose causes lie outside the capability of any one nation state, i.e. Corona Virus).

Our company is founded on the reality that uncertainty is not part of life, rather it is life. We believe uncertainty brings out our creativity, grit, forcing us to dig deep and seek the best possible outcome. We are founded based on the belief that companies choose between becoming victims of circumstances or, victors that shape their markets.

Our mission is to turn uncertainty into opportunities, to inspire those who don’t wait for the opportunities but create them, those who do not long for success but create it. Our clients are large, medium and small companies on the African continent and Global ones. They are mission-driven businesses and organizations of all shapes and sizes who strive to achieve greatness through guts and determination. The ones who navigate the unknown with fearlessness and unwavering belief in themselves.

We accelerate growth and impact of people and organizations by leveraging branding, marketing, business strategy and coaching, project management and bottom line value add to advance their missions, and drive economic and social change. We bring about clarity during times of uncertainty in order to exploit untapped growth opportunities. We measure success and social impact by tangible results. Is your business facing challenges with Capacity and Skilled Capabilities? Business Strategy? Systems and Processes? Declining Income and Sales? Entry into new markets? Finance Management? Marketing? We are for you! To help you trust that uncertainty exists to serve you!

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