We’ve got people walking through our doors often, and more times than we can count, our very own clients don’t really know what exactly it is that we do. Someone comes in for a website, someone else needs articles written, and another business owner needs a new logo for their company – and then they’ll all trot off happily once it’s done and not think twice about it. But the fact is, branding and marketing agencies do many things that businesses often don’t realise are available as services to them.

Branding and marketing aren’t straightforward practices. Even things that look like singular projects often require the input of several highly-skilled people. As an example, something as simple as a Facebook advert needs a graphic designer to do the post image, a content writer and editor to do the text and a digital marketer to plot the target audience, load a budget and manage the amount of people it reaches. Three qualified professionals all give their input on something that seems as simple as a Facebook post.

What Vivant has done is bring together a spectrum of people who are all experienced experts in their respective fields. This enables us to do complex branding operations from beginning to end: most of the time, all we need from you is your vision and your input, and we do the rest. Here are the things we do:

BRAND DEVELOPMENT: It all starts with an idea, but that idea has to be developed into a full-fledged set of values, plans, approaches and strategies that will make your brand work the way it needs to. We’ve partnered with business coaches and strategists that have proven track records to develop a brand strategy with you that will incorporate the kinds of marketing that best suit your business.

GRAPHIC DESIGN: We’ve got some pretty amazing designers on our team. They’ll design your website, logo, custom illustrations, 3D animations, business cards, email signatures, corporate identity, car wraps, custom stationery, letterheads, apparel and more. We’ve even got a professional illustrator as our head designer: he takes things back to basics, working with pencils on paper and then fleshing out the project digitally. Even while you’re sitting in a meeting with him, he occasionally does concept sketches right before your eyes.

WEB DEVELOPMENT: Because building a website isn’t a straightforward process, we’ve got a team of web developers who can code beautiful designs into magnificent websites. Whether you need a site for a hotel with online booking functionality, a virtual showroom, a content-driven blog, an invitation RSVP system or anything you can dream up for a website to do, if it exists, we can do it. We can even talk to you about what you want to achieve and make recommendations for you.

CONTENT WRITING: Because every word out there needs to be written at some point, and it has to be written perfectly. We’ve got an in-house editor who has done it all, from magazine publishing to blogging to linguistic theory to website content and more. Not everyone is cut out to create content that’s engaging and flawless, but that’s why we’ve got you covered.

SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING: The new frontier in marketing, social media is the way to get your message to the right audience at the right time. With social networks offering highly specialised and specific targeting tools, it’s possible to see exactly how far you’re reaching and what results you’re getting from your social media campaigns. On top of that, it often costs only a fraction of more traditional marketing methods. We’ll do a strategy for you, show you the inner workings of online marketing tools and deliver the results to you every month to show you the progress.

PRINTING: We’ve partnered with established printing firms that can do it all, from business cards to car wraps to stickers to banners and gazebos and more. If it’s customised items and marketing materials you need, we manage the printing project and handle all of the administration and quality control on your behalf, so that you get a perfect product every single time.

SEO: Which stands for Search Engine Optimisation – is the multifaceted process of enhancing your website to rank higher in Google search results and so lift the likelihood of people choosing your website over your competitors. It includes adding code within your website design, writing the content to include selected keywords, ensuring that certain features of your website fit better within Google’s search algorithms – and a whole lot more. We’ve got SEO partners who have refined the art and keep up to date with the latest search requirements.

So while you might only need one or two of these things from us, the fact is that they’re all interconnected. What we’ve worked to establish is a single place where you can come in and enjoy a cappuccino, tell us about what it is that you’d like for your business and we can make it all happen, beginning to end.

Our slogan is ‘Get Talked About’ – and for each one of our clients, we live up to that every single day.


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