Why Vivant

Look no further for your design agency

We’re the best design and development team to partner with.

Working with gifted people who are passionate, and well experienced in design, development and strategy means that you have an unfair advantage.

Today brands and businesses need all the help that they can get to convince potential clients that they are the best choice to do business with, or to give them what they need - be it online, or via social media or in the bricks and mortar real world.

Vivant has talent, experience and drive - exactly what you need to take your brand or business forward and beyond expectations.

Partner with us to succeed

Working with Vivant Studios as your design agency will be an unfair advantage and will help you to succeed in your marketing or design or development project. We have the team, creativity, passion and experience to help you achieve your goals.

boss lady

Eedria van Eeden

Eedria started her business journey when she was already a student: she studied Financial Management but got into project management in the design industry, and then got hooked. She realised that there was a need for small to medium business to have access to high-end design and development, and so Vivant was created in 2012.

She is passionate about business and how she can have an always-positive impact on every individual she meets. Change starts from the moment you decide to do so, and to be the first step in my clients journey is a privilege and honour.

The Creatives

We’ve tackled some tough projects before, but we always shine. We’ve scoured Pretoria to look for the most talented and passionate people to make up a mix that works on branding and marketing a fresh and exciting perspective for you.